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Last update: 2021/08/09 10:00 UTC

Original composition

Unjust Cause

Version Update: 2020/02/09


Abyssal Invasion


It's Over (old version)


Electric Charge (old version)


Destined Tragedy (old version)


Requiem for a Wanderer (old version)


Climax December (old version)


Macabre December (old version)


Adventure (old version)


Puppet Waiting for Master (old version)


Sakura Nemesis (old version)


Exterminate and March (old version)


Insanum (old version)


STFU (old version)

Cover of another composition

Andromeda Andromeda (by NayutalieN)

Version Update: 2020/02/09


Katyusha Classic -(NEW!)


Katyusha Rock Version


Salute to General Officers (Korean)


Yaranaika (Original Song: Balalaika by Koharu Kusumi)


Chocobo Theme (Final Fantasy Series)


Senbonzakura (old version)


Es ist ein Schnitter (Vocal) (old version)


Oj, ružice rumena (Vocal) (old version)