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Original composition

Abyssal Invasion

Unjust Cause

It's Over

Electric Charge

Destined Tragedy

Requiem for a Wanderer

Climax December

Macabre December


Puppet Waiting for Master

Sakura Nemesis

Exterminate and March

Deus Vult



Cover of another composition

Katyusha (Soviet Military/Russian Folk Song)

Salute to General Officers (Korean)

Yaranaika (Original Song: Balalaika by Koharu Kusumi)

Senbonzakura (Song by Kurousa-P)

Welcome to Japari Park 8-bit Cover (Kemono Friends OP)

Chocobo Theme (Final Fantasy Series)

Es ist ein Schnitter (With Vocal) (German Folk Song)

Oj, ružice rumena (With Vocal) (Serbian Folk Song)

Andromeda Andromeda (With Vocal) (Song by Nayutanalien)